Oh HAAAY! So, I heard this is what all the cool kids do? Blog sista BLOG! So, WELCOME! This is my post whenever I wanna post blog, it will be all the time if I keep up with my reality TV and don’t have to spend my evenings catching up on all the classic “Bravo drama”. I’m planning to be real, treat this like my online diary. I know, so Carrie Bradshaw of me, right? I WANT TO BE HER, GUYS! So this is my starting point as I’m not ready to wear heels and puffy skirts everyday just yet 🙂 I’ll be informing you all about my life, the real things that happen, the places I go and the stuff that “celebrities” don’t usually blurt out in a blog. My grammar is so far from perfect, I say it as it is and my spelling may be like a 5 year olds at points but I firmly believe that if you’ve even read this far into this blog you accept me. Kayyyyy lets go!
So lets start this blog with something depressing. YOU ACCEPT ME REMEMBER! This blog is not going to be conventional one. I’m wrote this on a plane from London to Los Angeles. It began with me listening to Adele while gazing out of the window hoping it would rain to match my “please feel sorry for me, I’ve left my boyfriend and family” mood BUT it soon all turned around when the track switch to Rihanna and I found out I could connect to WIFI! WTF! PLANES HAVE WIFI! My mind was blown! (Wow, that last sentence made me feel old). Anyway, that was the first thing that cheered me up, then secondly the person next to me wasn’t enormous and spilling into my seat. Huge plus! I then went all crazy, got all emotional, tried to cry like Rachel McAdams in the notebook swiping through pictures from my trip but I soon realized it was probably not helping my acting skills that i’d been holding my wee for so long that I was on the verge of a bladder infection. This is when window seats are really not ideal. Having to wake up the snoring couple next to you so you don’t get cystitis. Cute.
So my trip was one of the best I’ve had in a while. It was the perfect balance of everything I love! Travel, family, filming, jet lag, wine, food, boyfriend love and boyfriend drama. Don’t worry Danny and I are still #CoupleGoals (I secretly love it when you guys write that) but a little screaming in the street and fisticuffs is totally acceptable. IM JOKING! WE DON’T ABUSE EACH OTHER! Unless me pinning him down with force and trying to tweeze his brows is abuse, then I think we’re in the clear. It all began with me getting home for Valentines day. For the first time since September 17th 2013 where we were actually physically together on Feb 14th EEK! HE TOOK ME TO BARCELONA! I was the happiest little Queen Bean you could ever imagine and then when I purchased myself a selfie stick for the occasion my heart almost popped.

See! you’d think that was a candid or I had a seriously long arm. GENIUS. My selfie stick even allowed me to touch the top of the Sagrada Familia 😛 LOL LOL LOL I CRACK MYSELF UP.

Seriously though, big brownie points to my love for making my valentines very special and letting me discover my new fave city!

When Valentines was over, I jetted off to London and then onto Armenia to meet the cast and crew of the new show I was working on “Great Big World.” I am co hosting various episodes with my lovely friend Elizabeth Stanton. We traveled and filmed our adventures in Armenia, France and Italy.

Armenia was extremely humbling and they eat this incredibly tasty flat bread called lavash that I honestly cant talk about anymore or ill dribble on my laptop.

Italy next! I stayed at the Royal Hotel San Remo and my room made me feel like a true princess. LOOK AT THE VIEW FROM MY BED.

I immediately called Danny and informed him this is where our wedding is going to be. The phone went silent and I heard a huge thud. Danny had a heart attack. JOKING! But he did say I needed to calm myself down and thats when I did that whole “wait, you don’t want to marry me?!” in a really sad, disheartened voice and then they let you talk about it a little more. These are the moments where you throw in detailed comments about the ring you want so they don’t get it wrong. haha! Or if you’re reading this Dan Dan i’d like a…

*Danny reading this really does have a heart attack* Anyway i’m a crazy girlfriend. I am. Kinda. Whatever. He loves me, its fine.

I ended my trip in Nice France. The views are simply beautiful and we discovered a little old town called Eze where I fit in perfectly.

We wrapped after almost 3 amazing weeks of filming and I was ready to get in some family and friends time before heading back stateside. I squeezed in,
A mummy and daughter date.

A double date.

A lets stay in pjs and eat date.

It was beyond perfect and I was so happy hence why leaving is so hard. People you love are so important. Life throws you sad days, just go with it. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. YOU CAN DO IT! GET A DOUGHNUT. IVE EATEN 3 TODAY! I FEEL GREAT!

Now then, I’m not ending on a cringe tone my cringeomiter wont allow it.


Okay so, my first blog is over. My Beanies will be in my shop above SO SOON! I will keep you posted on my socials below. LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKED MY BLOG SO I CAN FEEL LIKE CARRIE FOR AT LEAST 24H.




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Kay, i’m in a much better mood and as Abbie Lee Miller would say “Save your tears for you pillow” so harsh but my erratic crying on airplanes needs to stop.
xoxo Gossip Girl, I mean Jenny. BYE!