Long Distance Relationship HELP!

Oh hey sistas HEY!

It’s me, I’m back and I’m on top form after my aggressively typical LA order of a tall, iced Americano, old school with an extra shot, non-fat milk and 1 Splenda. WOO! I AM POPPIN’! And I’m also never going to use the word “poppin” ever again.


LONG BLEEPING DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS. Now that’s what we’re here for.

I HATE THEM. Great talk. Bye.

I’m joking, of course. I think there are good things and bad things that you can discover from falling in love with someone that lives half way around the world.
Firstly, let me start with… YOU. WILL. BE. OKAY! You just need to figure out how to get through the distance and stand the test of time without drinking home made poison and quoting Romeo and Juliet over FaceTime. You may sometimes get to the “I HATE YOU, THIS ISN’T GOING TO WORK, YOU DON’T LOVE ME ENOUGH TO DO THIS” point, perhaps multiple times. I’m not saying you won’t BUT long distance is totally doable! I admit, I have been that angry, crying person and I’m now a solid 3 years deep… Thats vile. Let me say that again… I’ve had many girly meltdowns and I’m still his profile picture 🙂 Much better!


Let me start with some pointers. (Crumbs, I’ve secretly always wanted to have a relationships column in a mag so this blog allows me to live out my dream.)


So, I personally think excessive crying is healthy and expressive, buuuuut your partner may not agree, and crying over something you can’t change is not good for you. So, DONT be that person more than once a month (Everyone deserves one solid “help me” cry). You need to focus on you! The more you focus on you while you’re apart the sooner I believe you can be together. Distance allows you to do that. It allows you to focus on your career and your goals, therefore achieving more things and allowing you to get to your couple goals quicker. You knowwww, a massive diamond ring, a mansion and a perfectly formed pampers baby. Im such a girl. Seriously though, perhaps working on yourself while you’re apart takes the strain off the fact that its impossible for you to be together at that time in life. Trust me. This works! and way less tears. Lots of “Attractive strong partner points” for you.


My next success story for surviving the LD (GOD I HATE MYSELF FOR THAT ABBREVIATION) is making the other person feel special without being with them. You need to get through those times you’re apart by keeping your relationship alive. Skype dates, flowers, things to look forward to together or something as simple as sending pictures to keep them updated with your day. Here is my last one..


Now THAT is a #WCW!


Long distance is pricey so save up your pennies to do special things when you’re together. On birthdays make memories instead of getting prezzies. (Even though I do love a wrapped gift.)


My heart thief tells me that we make up a super, strong unbreakable unit and thats why we can get through the heart ache of sometimes being apart. So be a unit. Even if its a friend thats moved away or you’ve moved away from family or friends. Long distance, you are mother-bleeping hard but I’ve come to believe two people supporting each other, making unforgettable memories, and getting over the cringeness of dirty texting makes for quite the journey. Allllllright so I just admitted to dirty texting…On that note its time for me to scoot.

I love you my Beans! Thanks for reading my blog. Comment below and share support and love with all the other Jenny Beans!

Lots of love,

Jen xoxo