About Me


So, Hi.

I’m Jennifer Annette Veal and this is the section of my website where I basically brag about myself so that people think I’m cool and accomplished. I’M NORMAL, just living the crazy life of an entertainer/actress/tv presenter/vlogger/dreamer. Most people have somebody else write this but I thought, HEY! WHO KNOWS MY LIFE BETTER THAN ME? Nobody. So here is it, my ABOUT ME section.

I’m from Coventry, England. Yes, where people used to get sent if they weren’t wanted. LOL. I grew up always wanting to be the centre of attention, I’ll admit it. My mum still hasn’t forgiven me for running off, her having a break down and then shockingly finding me posing in the store window. I began singing, dancing and acting at a very young age and landed my first stage role at the Warwick Art Centre playing Baby June in the hit musical Gypsy. I also wore THE WORST BLONDE WIG OF ALL TIME. Anyway, that’s when the “bizz” and stage took a shining to little Jenny V. 

I shimmied my way towards “The Big Smoke” and attended the prestigious London performing arts schools Italia Conti at the age of 9 and then Sylvia Young Theatre School from age 12-17. These were my happiest days full of musicals, inspirational mentors and awkward teenage phases. I guess you could say *In my best Hollywood actor voice* “The Stage took a Shine to me” which led me to my West End debut in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at the London Palladium. Performing is where my heart is and I continued my career achieving dreams I will never forget: like performing for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance or working alongside Elton John in the original cast of Billy Elliot. These are moments I’m extremely proud of and memories I will cherish forever. 

Television was my next goal and I did it! I ACTUALLY DID IT! I joined the Disney family aged 14 and have worked on a variety of TV shows ever since. (Still haven’t been on EastEnders though. I’m secretly fuming!) As an actress, you go through moments where you think; should I train more? Can I work any harder? Am I good enough? THIS IS REALLY BEEPING SCARY! So, I trained some more, worked even harder and got accepted into The Central School of Speech and Drama a year early. 

Soon after Los Angeles called my name! I had some serious balls at just 18! I had no idea what was going to happen, no idea if it would work but I WAS GOING! I dragged my mum with me and trust me there was several times in the beginning when I was crying in her lap convinced “I would never be on 90210.” But with the support of my parents and my Jenny Veal determination I continued striving towards my dream and landed my first US role on Disney Channel’s hit show “Jessie” playing not one but two characters. Twins! I felt so Lindsay “parent trap” Lohan! The children of the world loved my Nanny McPhee-esque character Agatha and so began my success in children’s television. Following this, I joined the Nickelodeon network and the cast of Victorious as well as co-hosting shows on Fox and CW. 


I am always being told, “You should totally do voice over!” I get it. I do. My voice is… “out there” so I’ve listened and lent my voice to many things: Google Chrome adverts, animations such as Disney’s “The Descendants”, TV shows such as “Hana’s Helpline” on Channel 5 and many video games such as The Reckoning, Guildwars, and many more. Also if my brother is reading this, I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DEFEAT THE BIG BADDY I JUST DO THE VOICE! 

Aaaand for this performing monkey’s last trick, I somehow got thrown head first into the digital space and the crazy world of YouTube. I joined a channel, hitting over 1 million subscribers in less than 10 months. I was into this and I was just being ME! It then hit me; “I’m a good, honest person, I enjoy making people smile and I find my own jokes extremely amusing” WHY NOT START YOUR OWN CHANNEL?! So I did. Just me. Jennifer Veal. In just a few months over 200,000 of my “Jenny Beans” tune in and listen to me rant, ramble and attempt to be a Housewife. So cool. These beautiful humans led me to updating this website, starting my “Jenny Beanies” merchandise and helped me believe that I’m more than just an on screen actress. I thank you all for that.

Okay, so that’s me. I don’t really believe I can write a small section on a website to tell someone all about me. I’m me. Jennifer Veal. Wanna know something exciting? I knew you did. This about me section will continue and I’d love you to join me on the rest of my journey. 


Jennifer Veal

The girl who wrote her own bio.